T2000 Pump Controller

The Total Control Unit (T2000) is an ideal constant-speed controller. The use of a T2000 eliminates most of the components found in a control panel. As can be determined from the highlights below, simply add motor starters, circuit breakers and level sensing device to create a complete and operational station control panel. HOA switches, alternator, run time clocks, status indicator lights, phase monitor, alarm control, etc... this product has it all!

The T2000 is a microprocessor based controller that is capable of providing over 70 points of data by logical analysis from only 22 actual wired signals. The T2000 provides historical data such as:

  • derived total flow for the station
  • elapsed run time for each pump / motor
  • average run time for each pump / motor
  • average amount of flow that each pump / motor moves per cycle
  • total starts for each pump / motor

This product is delivered fully configured from the factory. The user need only select basic operation variables such as number of motors, level control settings, etc. from a menu via the integrated user interface. PLC programming skills are not required to configure this unit to fit your application.

For users requiring alarm dial out, the T2000 can be ordered with an integrated autodialer. For network functionality, order the T2000-IP - a T2000 with an integrated 10/100 network adapter.

T2000 Highlights

  • Configurable for 1, 2, or 3 Pumps
  • Three "Fail-Safe" HOA Switches
  • Integrated Elapsed Time Meters
  • Use Floats and/or Level Transducer
  • Supports Redundant Level Sensors
  • Integrated Pump Alternator
  • RMS 240/480 VAC 3-Phase Monitor
  • Alarm Light & Horn Outputs
  • On-Board Alarm Silence Button
  • Integrated User Interface
  • 4 x 20 Character LCD & Keypad
  • 12 LEDs for Input & Output Status
  • Two 12-Bit Analog (4-20) Inputs
  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Input
  • RS-485 Interface Connection
  • RS-232 MODBUS ASCII Interface
  • 71 Pre-set MODBUS I/O Registers
  • M.O.V., Transorb & Opto-isolated
  • Integrated 115 VAC Power Supply
  • Integrated Backup Battery Charger
  • Size: 8.75"H x 5.75"W x 5.50"D
  • 3-Year Return-to-Factory Warranty

T2000-AD Autodialer Option

The optional integrated autodialer uses a standard dial-up phone line. When you select this option, the autodialer becomes an integral component of the T2000. Because it's integrated, the T2000 footprint doesn't change and there's no need for a separate power supply. This seamless option presents 22 alarm conditions that are user-selectable for dial-out via the T2000 keypad and LCD.

  • 22 User Selectable Dial-out Events
  • Simple to Set Up via T2000 Keypad
  • Calls up to Four Telephone Numbers
  • Factory Recorded Digital Messages
  • 4-Digit PIN Acknowledgement
  • Connects to Standard Phone Line
  • Dial-Tone Detection Indicator
  • Utilizes T2000 Integrated Power Supply
  • 3-Year Return-to-Factory Warranty

T2000-IP Network Option

The optional integrated 10/100 network adapter presents an ideal solution where radio may not be preferred, and where networking is available (for example, frame relay, cable internet service, wireless Ethernet, local area network, etc.). The protocol used for network communications is Modbus TCP. Like the integrated autodialer, the network adapter doesn't change the footprint of the T2000 and doesn't require a separate power supply.

  • Simple to set up via T2000 Keypad
  • Uses industry-standard Modbus TCP protocol
  • Utilizes T2000 Integrated Power Supply
  • 3-Year Return-to-Factory Warranty

Ordering Information

Total Control Unit (T2000):
Order DFS-00367-008-05

T2000 Integrated Autodialer Option (T2000-AD):
Order DFS-00407-008-01

T2000 Integrated 10/100 Network Adapter Option (T2000-IP):
Order DFS-00367-008-08

Standard Snap-In Installation Kit:
Order DFS-00397-008-01

Standard Dead-Front Mount Installation Kit:
Order DFS-00397-008-02

Deluxe Snap-In Installation Kit:
Order DFS-00392-008-03

Deluxe Dead-Front Mount Installation Kit:
Order DFS-00392-008-04

T-2000 Test Kit:
Order DFS-00242-008-02

Spring-Clamp Connector Tool:
Order DFS-00389-008-01

12V, 3.0 AH Backup Battery:
Order DFS-00363-008-02

12V, 7.0 AH Backup Battery:
Order DFS-00363-008-01

Telephone Line Surge Protector:
Order 002-0044