RIO128 High Density Input-Output (I/O) Device

The RIO128 is a unique "open architecture" rail-mounted input / output device featuring 128 I/O points. Ideal for use in all industries, the RIO032 supports industry standard Modbus ASCII, RTU and TCP protocols. A built-in RS-232 serial connector is available for interfacing with communication equipment; an optional network adaptor provides Ethernet functionality. The built-in RS-485 serial connector provides the ability to connect up to thirty-two RIO-128 devices for a total expansion to 4,096 I/O points.

Key Features

  • 40 Discrete Inputs
  • 40 Discrete Outputs
  • 40 Analog Inputs (12 Bit Resolution)
  • 8 Analog Outputs (12 Bit Resolution)
  • Use Analog Inputs as Discrete Inputs
  • I/O Expansion up to 4,096 Points
  • RS-232 & RS-485 Serial Connections
  • Modbus ASCII and RTU Protocols
  • Modbus TCP via RAIL Network Adapter (RNA)
  • 1200-38400 Baud Rate
  • Non-Isolated 0-24V Single-Ended I/O
  • Standard Din Rail Mounted Device
  • Size: 16.13”W x 5.69”H x 2.83”D
  • 3 Year Parts & Workmanship Warranty

Ordering Information

RIO128 RAIL Input/Output Device