Cellular SCADA System

Data Flow Systems (DFS) is now offering cellular-based SCADA products under the Open Control Solutions product line. Secure (private tunnel) cellular networks provided by Verizon, and the Internet, are utilized to deliver the data and alarms that you require 24/7/365. Alarm conditions are reported immediately via email, phone, and/or text message. All historical data is collected and stored for reporting, trending and analysis.

You Choose Cost

Unlike other companies that offer similar products and systems, DFS offers purchase and rental options.

  • Purchase - The system hardware is purchased at a list price, and the user pays DFS a monthly fee for use of the Verizon private tunnel cellular network (on a per site basis). No contract required!
  • Rental - The system hardware is provided at no cost, and the user pays DFS a fixed monthly service fee that includes the use of the Verizon private tunnel cellular network. An annual contract is required for this option, but the service fee is paid on a monthly basis.

You Own the Data

Other cellular SCADA companies use computer servers that they own or rent, often located in other states, to collect and store your system data. DFS provides a Hyper SCADA Server and HT3 SCADA Software program that is securely located at your facility. Your data is collected and stored at your facility, making it easily accessible onsite, over your internal network, and remotely via the Internet. The server incorporates MySQL, the world’s most popular database. The HT3 SCADA Software program includes default screens, canned reports, data trending, alarm autodialer, and much more.

Simple Web Interface

The system’s web interface utilizes the familiar Internet Brower. It provides a graphical representation of status, alarm conditions, and a variety of reports that allow you to analyze the activity and performance of your monitored equipment. The reports gather and filter information, based on parameters you provide, and present the data in a meaningful form. A built-in trender provides an additional examination tool.

Mobile Access

The system includes the ability to access your data using today’s smart-phones. Alarm conditions are perhaps the most important pieces of information that field personnel need. Once notified by the "911" call-out or by email alarm notification, field personnel can use their smart phone or mobile Internet device to log into the system. From there they can acknowledge the alarm and begin to investigate the cause of the alarm. An active alarm indicator is displayed at the top of every mobile screen.

Ordering Information

RDP180-C Cellular RTU

TCU001-C Cellular RTU