Hyper SCADA Server

The Hyper SCADA Server (HSS) is a self-contained data collection and information server housed in a lockable wall-mounted enclosure. Utilizing Client-Server Architecture, the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is a typical Client Desktop PC connected to the Hyper SCADA Server using any one of the multiple connectivity options available to the user. The Hyper SCADA Server has it all! It includes all of the necessary software required to implement a fully operational SCADA System right out of the box.

Highlights and features of the HSS are listed below. For more detailed information on the HSS, visit scadaserver.com

HSS Highlights

  • Self-contained data collection and information server housed in a small 13”x13”x7” NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure
  • Core of the unit is the Hyper Server Module (HSM), which includes a CPU, two voice-grade modems for 911 & 411, and network support hardware
  • Network Interface Module (NIM) provides two driver-configurable 9-pin serial ports
  • 100W Power Supply Module
  • 2.6 aH backup battery serves as a UPS
  • Two telephone line input jacks
  • Included HyperTAC II SCADA Software Package offers a Browser-based HMI capable of running on virtually any Windows-based Workstation PC
  • Any ODBC-compliant application can be used for query, control and HMI purposes
  • Workstation PC connections can be local TCP/IP network or PPP dialup connection

HSS Features

  • (1) 13"W x 13"H x 7"D Fiberglass Enclosure
  • (1) HSS001 Backplane
  • (1) Hyper Server Module (HSM001)
  • (1) Power Supply Module (PSM003-1)
  • (1) Network Switch Module (NSM001)
  • (1) Network Interface Module (NIM001)
  • (1) 12V, 3.0 AH Backup Battery (Integrated UPS)
  • (2) Serial Interface Ports (9 Pin)
  • (2) Telco Input Connectors
  • (1) Audio Output Connector
  • (1) Alarm Relay Terminal
  • (1) Linux Operating System
  • (1) HT3 SCADA Software
  • (1) MySQL Software